They are multitudes of servicing companies in and around UAE, but very few who can offer the complete range. Pro-Serve Emirates LLC; a member of the Golden Swan Group, offers complete line of general services to both small and large commercial customers.

Unlike other smaller companies, Pro-Serve Emirates LLC, does not provide house cleaning and lamp replacement services on small scale, but is here to provide high quality, state-of-the art services to its clients on project basis. Project terms and durations at Pro-Serve Emirates LLC are vast and flexible include the most reasonable budgets for yearly and 5 yearly contracts.

These projects are enforced with a professional team of workers along with the latest equipments, and headed with professional leaders holding immense experience and knowledge in the field.
Our main Services include
Routine Commercial Building (Hospital, School, Airport, Shopping malls) New construction Cleaning, Special Events Clean up
Specialized Floor Services (included but not limited to)
Carpet Steam Cleaning, Extraction Method, Host Method, Spin-Dry bonnet systems, stripping, Scrubbing, refinishing and High Speeding, Marble, Terrazzo and Epoxy, Ceramic title, Conductive ESD tile, ESD testing service
Other specialized services include
Clean room Specialist, Re-lamping services, Pressure washing, Graffiti removal and much more.

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