One of the leading manufacturers and exporters of gold, diamond jewelry by Golden Swan. We have come to be recognized for our unwavering commitment towards creating the finest jewellery known to man. We take great pride in the fact that we have no equals when it comes to craftsmanship and refinement. We are the one of the well-known exporters and manufacturers of Gold and Diamond. We have a sister concern in Bangkok Danish International

The designs are exclusive which can we worn for formal or informal occasions. A common phenomenon in every aspect of life is the presence of a leader, who inspires by the weight of sheer expertise, and becomes the ideal for others to emulate.

Earlier, the jewellery was worn to enhance appearance, display wealth and affirm love, friendship and loyalty. The reasons for wearing jewellery remain the same today, but the popularity of styles has changed. With extreme focus on the quality and contemporary leading designs, we offer wide and comprehensive range of Gold and Diamond Jewellery to the customers.

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