Golden Coal quarry Pvt. Ltd; a member of the renowned Golden Swan Group, is a company established over 2 decades ago. At Golden Coal Quarry we manage highly professional staff with great experience, and operate underground coalmines. Our company also provides consulting and support to clients and investors. Our officers and owners have significant experience in the coal mining industry.


Just like all other companies under the Golden Swan Group, Golden Coal Quarry also believes in helping and ensuring our clients to reach whatever goals they have. We manage and provide high quality technologically advanced coal mining operations with well-established field personnel. We have several years of combined working knowledge as well as an excellent infrastructure of workers.

Following is a list of our Underground Coal Mining services:

  • Contract Mining
  • General Mine Consulting
  • Mining Feasibility Studies
  • New Mine Startup and Site Preparation Cost Analysis
  • Personnel and Project Management for New or Existing Operations
  • Pre-Contract Problem Solving
  • Determining/Identifying Important Contractual Responsibilities between Parties

Golden Coal Quarry Provides its services in accordance with good coal mining practices that are appropriate to the geological conditions of the area enabling maximum economic production, avoiding hazards to life, health and property, while minimizing pollution and providing low cost operations.



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